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The #2 Emi Design Capsule 2021 kit for neo-futuristic nail art has been released

By Alex Fox | 23 May 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

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The second  EMI Design capsule kit has been launched for 2021. With a 2021 ‘neo-futuristic’ theme, this new design box beings a new spin on creating futuristic geometric nail art designs.

Design Capsule Box 2 – Symbiosis

The concept behind the capsule box is to give nail artists a guide to how they can use colours that can’t be combined with each other, yet can be used in an unusual  and stylish manner to create strong and exciting nail art. The design box also showcases how a  multitude of designs can be born from a small palette.

The E.Mi manicure is performed according to the sketches & technologies of the neural couturier Ekaterina Miroshnichenko on the basis of E.Mi brand materials. Ekaterina produces more than 12 collections of E.Mi-manicure per year, each of which emphasises a certain style in clothes, enhances the impression, complements and completes the image.

A spokesperson for Emi noes, “Just like the capsule in wardrobe, the EMI Design Capsules present items that are combined with each other according to purpose and style direction, to make an incredible nail design. 2021 offers four nail art capsules, which are linked by one theme throughout the year – upcoming technologic future, neo-futurism! Each Capsule reveals one of the pillars of neo-futurism: functionality, technologies, evolution in materials and forms and the consistence of human and machines. To put it into context , the second design box is named – Symbiosis. Is it possible to draw a line between human and machine? Progress blurs the border between the two worlds. What was just a play on words yesterday is a Symbiosis today.”


The Look – created using the 2021 Capsule Design Box 1 from Emi 

So what’s inside the box?

The formula of the EMI Design Capsules is two colours, nail stickers and a look-book to inspire with a  step-by-step masterclass of neo-futurism design.

This project has a special landing page on its website, where a gallery of designs from Emi’s clients and technologists can be viewed.

Check the site with the first EMI Design Capsule in series:

Those who’ve purchased the capsule boxes can join the online database galleries by…

  1. Posting the photo of your design
  2. Tagging it with #emidesigncapsule,
  3. Then you have a chance to win the 3rd capsule box and find out the continuation of the story!

Emi can be found here – 


Art from the Emi Design Capsule Nail Art Box #2 – Symbiosis