The Beauty Edit Podcast launches affirmation cards

By Kat Hill | 09 February 2021 | News

Beauty Edit Podcast Cards Lead

The mother-daughter duo behind beauty industry-focused podcast, The Beauty Edit, has created Positive Affirmation Cards, including uplifting statements to promote positivity especially for nail & beauty professionals.

Featuring 32 cards, Amanda & Shelby Holmes created the deck to help ‘challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts’, with a variety of supportive mantras created for industry life and beyond.

“After creating The Beauty Edit Podcast, we noticed that beauty professionals face similar issues throughout their careers,” explains Shelby. “These issues can be lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, creative block, difficult clients and more.”

The cards feature mantras inspired by conversations from the podcast. “We decided to create specific affirmations for nail technicians and beauty therapists that would help lift spirits during this tough time,” Shelby continues.

Shelby & Amanda Holmes

To use, the duo recommend selecting a card in the morning to help ‘set your mindset and mood for the day ahead’. “Pick an affirmation in the morning and repeating it to yourself five times to reinforce the belief,” Shelby explains. “You can choose a specific card that you feel you need to read that day, or pick one at random and allow the universe to help you on your way.

“You can also use the cards throughout the day, or when you feel down and need a little pick me up. The affirmation will help re-align your feelings and mindset.”

A solid wood card stand is available to purchase separately, which can be used store and display the deck of cards to keep the affirmation in sight.

The cards were created to become a source of hope and happiness in lockdown. “We appreciate how hard this time is for the nail and beauty industry right now and the huge effect it is having on our mood and mindset,” states Shelby. “Myself and Amanda have never felt so de-motivated and we truly believe that these cards help brighten your spirits and encourage positive thoughts.”

The duo’s favourite cards:

  • Shelby – ‘Diversity – I support my community regardless of differences’
  • Amanda –  ‘ Happiness – I do not measure my success by the amount of followers I have’

To purchase the cards, click here!

The Beauty Edit Podcast is available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For updates, follow the podcast’s Instagram and Facebook group.