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The book every lash technician needs on their shelf

By Lilly Delmage | 19 February 2022 | News

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teresa smithRenowned for her Lash Bible book series, Teresa Smith, returns with two new revised additions of the original The Lash Bible.

10 years since the original bible, the leading lash artist, author, and international educator encapsulates the modern desire of enhancing our natural beauty in the new bible renditions.

Teresa takes pride in the versatility of her services, ensuring that her lashes complement each individual client, taking into consideration their eye proportions, face structure, skin tone as well as their own personal preferences.

The master lash artist has filtered her own wealth of experience, with over 20 years in the beauty industry, into the guide. Opening with the chucklesome and relatable ‘Lash Commandments’, the book progresses to cover all aspects of lash teccing, providing the idyllic knowledge guide. A teacher in your pocket!

The new Lash Bibles provide tips and tricks when catering to each client’s needs. Detailing a variety of eye shapes and lash types, as well as styling to the client’s individual iris positioning, eye proportions, skin tone, bone structure and direction of lash growth. Illustrations and bullet points are used consistently throughout the guide for ease and clarity in explanation and reproduction.

Don’t think the lash master left out any tips on technique either! Covering a vast range of advice on lash mapping combinations, ‘tight line’ and lifted effects, capping and stacking applications, volume fan application, infills, methodical lashing, taping methods… and that’s only the start!

As well as advising on how to perfect your artwork, the guide also considers the crucial needs of lash techs. Teresa advises on her tried and tested equipment, on which she finds the most comfortable, effective, and mutually beneficial for the tech and client. She advises on certain types of work stools and tables to aid the prevention of back problems.

With no detail too small to be left out of these complete lash bibles, Teresa also includes her best photo tips, including lighting, client poses and camera positioning. Showcasing your work is crucial, and the correct lighting and positioning will ensure the pictures do your lash creations justice.

The Lash Bible – The Original and The Lash Bible – Special Edition are both available at in paperback, hardback and in twin bundles.