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The Federation of Nail Professionals speaks out against short, unaccredited courses that are damaging the nail industry

By Alex Fox | 19 May 2021 | News

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I Know! Let’s have a race to the bottom? Or should we reboot industry education…

by Marian Newman BEM, Chair of The FNP – Federation of Nail Professionals

 If it wasn’t bad enough that the industry is inundated with short courses that are ‘not fit for purpose’, now we have people fraudulently selling courses that claim to be ‘accredited’ but aren’t!

Learning one skill as a beginner in five-hours is unacceptable. But learning three skills in five-hours is ‘criminal’. Where is the theory? Where is the practical? Where are the case studies? Where are the assessments?

A certificate (which is given on the day), for these courses will not be acceptable criteria to become a member of The FNP. The FNP wants to be inclusive and understand how the pro nail industry has evolved, therefore many short courses will be acceptable.wBut not such as these!

There are now so many of these unprofessional, unethical and, frankly, shocking courses available, it has become hard to fight against them. The FNP is approaching it in a different way. The team intends to recognise and applaud the 100s of excellent teachers out there who are working hard and with integrity. A good teacher is the foundation of a good and successful nail professional. THIS is what The FNP will be promoting.

The whole beauty sector has many challenges to face and the appalling situation caused by these courses has got to be high on that list.

Is it a ‘race to the bottom’ with the quality of skills and understanding being compromised?

And is it a ‘race to the bottom’ with service fees or employers paying the minimum wage?

Right now, the answer to those questions is, ‘YES’!

How can we turn this tide so the industry can grow in the right direction and survive the next few years?

Marian Newman delivering her expertise on the Nail Knowledge education platform

Those new to the industry don’t know just how bad these courses are until it is too late. (This is very clear from the questions asked on the various SM forums). This mustn’t be a ‘best kept secret’. Shout about how dreadful these courses are. The more you shout, the more will hear.

Tell your clients so they understand what education SHOULD be. Maybe they or someone they know is considering buying one. Every professional course should go a long way to following the National Occupational Standards.

If you’ve taken one of these courses and discovered how bad it was (even if it was a while ago), complain to the accreditors and to Trading Standards or even The FNP and we will investigate (The FNP has an ‘investigation volunteer’). Don’t be ashamed that you may have taken one, as you didn’t know what you know now!

The FNP wants its members (membership will be opening very soon), to trust that it is about elevating standards and not lowering them. It wants BABTAC to also trust that its ethics are in place as The FNP enjoys a fabulous collaboration with this beauty organisation (announced soon) and it wants all its other affiliates and patrons to also trust its principles and path.

The more that these type of courses are sold, the more they will pop out of the woodwork.

Let us start a race to the top, together.