The Gel Bottle Inc becomes first nail brand to launch products into space

By Helena Biggs | 23 November 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

The Gel Bottle Infinite Lead 1200

The Gel Bottle Inc has celebrated the launch of its galactic-inspired Infinity nail colour collection by sending the 10 shades into space.

Daisy Kalnina

In an industry first, TGB founder Daisy Kalnina, and her team sourced a company in Sheffield to rocket the gel polish products high above the earth via a specially designed balloon.

“The colours in this collection are truly out of this world, so what better place to have the photo shoot than in space?” asks Daisy.

“There was a lot of science, maths and engineering work involved, and we worked with the company to create the best layout for the gel polish bottles. They suggested a metal rod framework on which the products could be fixed securely to withstand the journey. We were then given a five-day window for the launch as the process was weather dependent.”

When the time came for lift off, the products were securely attached to the framework along with the camera equipment and a satellite tracker, and lifted by a weather balloon for an environmentally sound way to fly.

“The journey took a few hours and footage was captured of the balloon going up and coming back down to earth,” Daisy continues. “When the products were in space and the sun reflected off the bottles, it created an image of such calm and beauty which is now shown off in our marketing materials for the Infinity collection. The bottles landed back at site safely and now take pride of place in the TGB office as the first gel polish shades ever in space.”

The eight gel polish shades and two glitter top coats in the range are (L-R): Eclipse, Elektra, Full Moon, Galactic, Infinity, Moon Dust, Nebula, Solar Flare, Starlight & Supernova.

“This year, along with such a special launch, I have added two clear, non-wipe glitter top coats to the Infinity range which can top off any TGB shade in the portfolio for a dazzling finish,” Daisy continues.

“The launch gives our nail pro customers something to talk about with their clients. My favourite shades are Galactic, a gunmetal grey with a silvery shimmer, Full Moon, which has a mix of silver glitter and a subtle blue shimmer base, and Infinity – a deep, dark purple with shifting blue-red shimmers. Twist the shades under the light and you will see all the glitters pop!”

Every order of the Infinity collection is packed in 100% reusable and recyclable packaging with a free holographic bag plus biodegradable eco chips that disintegrate when water is added.

Check out the video of the launch below and get your hands on TGB’s Infinity collection via