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The GelBottle Inc unveils HEMA-free nail enhancement system, ProForm™

By Rebecca Hitchon | 19 September 2023 | News, Products & Treatments

Tgb Proform

The GelBottle Inc has launched ProForm™, a HEMA-free file-off hard gel system designed to help techs build, sculpt, extend and repair nails.

With the strength of L&P acrylic and flexibility of gel, each ProForm™ tube can create up to 30 nail styles and offers three to four weeks’ wear.

Seven neutral hues are available, inspired by the brand’s best-selling BIAB™ shades and designed to meet nail client demand for natural-looking enhancements:

  • Diamond – clear.
  • Platinum – pure white.
  • Rose Quartz – soft pink.
  • Pink Star – baby pink.
  • Dusky Marble – blush pink with mauve undertones.
  • Bare Stone – dark nude.
  • Shell – beige with light brown undertones.

Also part of the system is the Slip & Sculpt Solution, to be used in conjunction with the ProSculpt Tool, making the ProForm™ formula easier to manipulate and aiding a smooth finish.

“It was important to me that TGB created a high-quality and durable hard gel system,” comments Daisy Kalnina, The GelBottle Inc founder & CEO.

“ProForm™ sculpts natural-looking enhancements that will convert acrylic-loving nail techs and clients alike. This formula has been years in the making.”

For a complete HEMA-free system, techs are advised to use The GelBottle Inc’s Bond Base base coat and Glow Top top coat.

Launching with ProForm™ is a TGB Academy course for the system, covering application, removal, benefits, anatomy and physiology, prep and care of the natural nail, contraindications, nail structure and shape.

ProForm™ products are available via Check out the shades up close below.