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The mismatched mani: searches for ‘indie nails’ rise by 210%

By Rebecca Hitchon | 19 December 2021 | News

indie nails

Data by beauty trend forecaster, Spate, has revealed that ‘indie’, or mismatched nails have experienced significant growth in the last year. The research, which focused on the US nail market, found a 210% rise in searches since 2020.

In January 2021, Pinterest data revealed that user searches for ‘indie nails’ had already increased by 21% and predicted that the nail aesthetic would be hugely popular throughout the year.

Spate cites the rise in popularity of nail art seen in 2021 (searches have increased by 22.5% or 3.6m average monthly searches) as the reason why indie nails have experienced strong growth.

The nail trend is characterised by different nail colours and designs on each individual nail and can be customised to clients’ desires.

With nail art searches for ‘snake nail designs’ rising by 224.5% and ‘smiley face nails’ by 108.3% since the same period last year, not to mention the increasingly popularity of swirl nails, Spate suggests the indie nail trend allows individuals to showcase a combination of these rising patterns.

Lead image courtesy of @thenailritual.