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Offer strength, style & length for nails with Magnetic’s PowerGel

By Chloe Randall | 10 December 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

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Add length and even create extreme shades with the easy-to-use PowerGel range from Magnetic Nail Design.

Serving up the feel of L&P acrylic but curing like a gel, the system offers control over nail enhancements and is easy to use with tips and forms, or even for a natural nail overlay.

Magnetic Nail Design boasts that PowerGel can be used on all nail types, from weak to brittle and normal, and it’s light wearing and easy to pinch.

Available in 30g or 50g pots or 50g tubes, shades include Nude, Pink, Clear, White, Sparkling Pink, Frosted Pink, Sparkling Pink and an Extender.

Step-by-step: PowerGel French

  1. Prepare the natural nail and remove shine with a 240-grit file. Clean the nail with Prep & Wipe and apply a Stiletto for,. Use Gel Polish Bond for adhesion.
  2. Take a small amount of PowerGel Clear with a spatula and place on the form. Create the base shape using the Rhinestone Triangle Brush to move the product around the form. Wet with a small amount of alcohol to prevent the PowerGel from sticking.
  3. Place PowerGel Nude on the nail and sculpt. Cure the nail for two minutes (UV) or 90 seconds (Twin Light). Remove the sticky layer if desired after curing with Prep & Wipe.
  4. If needed, file the enhancement with the 180-grit Hygienic File. Remove dust particle and clean with Prep & Wipe.
  5. Place PowerGel White on the free edge using a spatula and sculpt with the brush. Cure and remove the sticky layer as before.
  6. Remove the form and and shape the nail with a 180-grit file. Clean with Prep & Wipe/
  7. Apply a Top Gel of choice.

Magnetic Nail Design’s PowerGel can be purchased here.

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