Top 21 revealed in first World’s Star Nail Artist competition

By Helena Biggs | 01 April 2023 | Movers & Shakers, News

Worlds Star Nail Artist 1200

In an overwhelming display of talent and enthusiasm for their craft, nail pros worldwide embraced a creative challenge and entered The World’s Star Nail Artist, a new competition for 2023 brought to the industry by Scratch.

The mission is clear: to recognise and reward global nail artists, push the boundaries of design, and offer a launchpad for further career opportunities.

From 1-28 February, nail artists were invited to submit a competition entry via the Scratch website. The entry form requested five images of their favourite nail creations, a video presentation about their love for artistry, and a task.

This task challenged pros to create an ‘out of this world’ design on one nail, featuring The World Star Nail Artist’s signature gold star. The Scratch judging committee then had the daunting task of shortlisting the entrants.

The 21 nail artists through to the next stage are:

  • Noemi Resszer – Switzerland
  • Monika Kupién – UK
  • Dana Cecil – USA
  • Danielle Brindley – UK
  • Tan Adams – UK
  • Erin Paschke – USA
  • Corinna Ball – UK
  • Sarah Fontaine – Canada
  • Marija Deniz – Denmark
  • Nathan Taylor – UK
  • Kamila Borowiec – UK
  • Laiying Yiu – China
  • Elizaveta Bekker – UK
  • Nixxi Rose – UK
  • Velichka Yancheva – UK
  • Froukje Groenendijk – The Netherlands
  • Sarah Kay Abbott – UK
  • Loi Van Nguyen – UK
  • Melissa Whiffen – Canada
  • Katy Pottle – UK
  • Gemma Dawson – UK

Click here to see the finalists up close and check out their entry nail art.

A preliminary nail art task for these 21 talented pros will be set on 3 April, to be completed by 14 April. The submissions will be posted on the Scratch website and judged, resulting in eliminations. A group of up to 12 semi-finalists will then be unveiled.

These semi-finalists will compete in fortnightly nail art challenges from 1 May, which can be followed online, via Scratch‘s website and social media platforms. Eliminations will take place after each round – but the competition doesn’t have to stop for eliminated nail stylists, as they will have the chance to re-enter via a series of exciting wild card challenges.

At the end of the challenge period on 7 July, a final three will remain. They will be required to submit one final artistic challenge, which will be judged and subject to public votes online to determine a winner.

The final three will be transported to London for The Scratch Stars Party on Sunday 23 July, at which the winner will be announced. The prize package is a trophy, £1000’s in cash, cover and column in Scratch magazine, the title of The World’s Star Nail Artist 2023 and so much more!