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Top Tech Amasses Xmas GIFTS for Charity

By Alex Fox | 20 December 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

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The Nail Studio, St Ives, just outside Cambridge, is a hive of activity as nail tech & HD Professional educator, Cat  Leith is collecting wrapped presents for women and children, ready to donate on Thursday 24 December. 

Deciding to support a local charity (which can’t be named in the press), that cares for those who’ve experienced domestic violence, Cat has rallied around her clients and friends by inviting them to offer wrapped presents for women and children.

“After what’s been an horrendous year for some, I felt compelled to do some good and spread a little cheer,” explains Cat. “I have a wonderful client who introduced me to a local domestic abuse charity and it’s where I’ve been donating my children’s second hand clothes and toys for quite a while now. When I questioned ‘what happens at Christmas for those being supported by the charity’, I felt compelled to help further.

“I know that everyone has had an incredibly tough year, but I feel it’s important to continue to raise awareness and shine the spotlight on what charities like this do and to remind us all,  that there are people out there who have it so much worse. I know that Christmas is not all about presents, but after this year I felt it would be wonderful for someone to feel extra special while struggling through a traumatic time. The charity relies solely on donations, as most of the women that it helps have escaped their life situation with absolutely nothing. As a parent myself, I know how much is expected of us at Christmas to provide, so I can’t imagine how these parents must feel. It’s such an emotional time for them and to add the stress of Christmas to the mix must be overwhelming. During these challenging times, the referrals into these services have dramatically increased. Covid 19 has meant that many women have been locked up with an abusive partner and support services are stretched to the limit. Therefore, donations are especially important this Christmas. Some families arrive with nothing and these gifts can put a smile on the children’s faces and make the women feel valued. As a nail tech, I also feel it’s important to have an understanding of these charities as sometimes clients confide in us, so if ever we find ourselves in a situation where we feel our client is vulnerable; knowing where and how we can help/direct them, could be a life saving move.

“I really wanted to help and asked all my clients and the local community for wrapped donations for mums and their children with little labels added to identify who it’s for eg. mum/boy/girl with age added too.

“The next thing I knew, word started spreading and donations were coming in thick and fast. Even mums on the school run have got involved, not to mention my wonderful clients. Some of which have donated huge bags of gifts!

“To date there’s been well over 100 presents donated for mums and their babies and I know that the charity has been able to extend the presents to recently rehoused mums as well, which is incredible.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who’s donated and there’s still time to send a gift  to me if you want to be involved, as the last of the donations will be picked up on Christmas Eve.

“This has been such a huge success, that I plan to carry on and make it an annual fundraiser.”

 If you’d like to donate – please send your wrapped and labeled gift to me at the address below to be delivered to me before or on Thursday morning the 24 December.

The Nail Studio

19 Walnut Tree Crescent



PE28 9LE

The National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247 – 7 days a week.


Cat Leith – educator & nail artist – The Nail Studio, St Ives, Cambs