Chloe Randall

Track your client’s nail journey with beauty app ‘Myrror’

By Chloe Randall | 18 December 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Myrror Web Feature

The beauty app Myrror has been launched to help you track the progress of any treatment, regime or at home products you are using so you can see the changes on a customised photo timeline.

Each photo is timestamped and includes a comment diary feature to capture your thoughts in real time.

“Service providers can create personal and collaborative relationships with their customers.  Myrror has the ability to share images securely with experts to keep the conversation and collaboration going, even during lockdown. This is basic at the moment and we’re actively engaging with professionals now to see how we can develop Myrror to make it a ‘must have’ for providers in working with their clients” says Jennifer Munro, Founder of Myrror.


In the nail industry, this app will work particularly well when trying new techniques on clients and to track nail health, testing out various products and visually seeing whether they work or not.

It gives the consumers the ability to have fact based discussions with their experts – showing them actual photos, that are real and unfiltered, to ensure discussions about next steps are collaborative and personal to how their own body is responding and reacting to a course of treatment.

Myrror is available to download on all iOS and Android devices.

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