UK ranked 14th most expensive country for beauty

By Kat Hill | 12 July 2017 | Expert Advice, Feature, News

A report comparing the cost of beauty products and services across 50 countries has been released.

From, the statistics showed where beauty products and services are most affordable, with the top-ranking countries showing the most affordable overall. The UK ranked 36th overall, out of the 50 countries.

Vietnam was the overall most affordable country, followed by India and South Africa,  along with several Asian and Latin American countries. The countries with high-living costs, including Northern Europe, Australia, and the USA, were found to be some the most expensive.

Venezuela topped the chart as the most expensive country, due to the country’s inflation crisis and its change in currency.The report states that, ironically, around 10 years ago the country’s capital contained the highest number of beauty parlours in the world.

Manicure and pedicure services here in the UK were the fourth most expensive across the 50 countries. Colombia offers the least expensive mani-pedi at the equivalent of £3.10, while Venezuela offered the most expensive at £124.69, followed by Denmark at £62.29.

In terms of nail polish, the UK ranked the 18th most affordable country. The UAE offers the least expensive at £3.59, while Venezuela offers the most expensive again at £766.93. South Korea offers the second most expensive at £25.16.

Eyebrow waxing services saw the UK in the top ten most expensive areas, while perfume saw a mid ranking. The cost of cosmetic products, such as eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara, saw the UK in the top twenty of the cheapest locations.

Cosmetic surgery services were found to be most affordable in Latin America, South Asia, and the Czech Republic, while the countries with the best deals on makeup brands were found to be Canada, South Africa, USA, and Italy.

The full results of the ranking can be found at