UK’s first eco-spa implements ‘clean air act’

By Sophie Nutt | 07 December 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Titanic Spa

Titanic Spa, the UK’s first eco-spa, has launched a ‘clean air act’ to provide a clean breathing space both inside and outside of the spa.

Following the statistics that pollution causes up to 36,000 early deaths a year in the UK and the news that London regularly breaches EU air pollution regulations with its high levels of nitrogen dioxide, Titanic Spa has launched the act to allow inhabitants from London and the spa’s neighbouring cities to escape to a wellness spot that they know is rich with clean air.

Titanic Spa is set in one of the UK’s cleanest air areas, as Huddersfield ranks lowest for air pollution, and is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the earth as well as the wellbeing of its guests. The spa houses a ‘living wall’ complete with a variety of plants that purify air, which creates a healthy breathing space using the natural process of ‘phytoremediation’ where the plants remove pollutants in the air into the pores on the surface of the leaves.

The spa’s swimming pool and plunge pool are also salt regulated and entirely chemical free, and the site is complete with electric car charging ports on the site, which are completely free for use for spa guests.