Chloe Randall

Unilever to remove the word ‘normal’ from beauty & personal care products

By Chloe Randall | 09 March 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News


Global beauty conglomerate, Unilever are removing the word ‘normal’ from advertising and packaging from their beauty and personal care brands.

This move comes after new research conducted by Unilever demonstrated 74% of people wanting the beauty and personal care industry to reflect a broader definition of beauty.

It is one of several commitments the company is making as part of their new Positive Beauty vision and strategy which champions a new era of beauty that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

“We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward. It’s just one of a number of actions we are taking as part of our Positive Beauty vision, which aims not only to do less harm, but more good for both people and the planet,” commented Sunny Jain, President of Unilever Beauty & Personal Care.

In addition to removing ‘normal’ from advertising and products, the beauty and personal care brands are also committing to end all digital alterations that change a person’s body shape, size, proportions or skin colour, and to increase the number of adverts portraying people from diverse, under-represented groups.

This will mean products like Dove Essential hand cream will see this change, as well as products from their other beauty and personal care brands such as Lynx, Sure and Vaseline. 

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