Update your L&P products with 1/3rd off Cuccio UK systems

By Helena Biggs | 13 February 2019 | News, Products & Treatments

Cuccio Acrylic

Cuccio UK is offering 1/3rd off all its L&P acrylic products from January to March, including:

  • Revolution
  • Ultra Clear
  • Nudecrylics
  • Coloured acrylic powders & pigments
  • Accessories (including forms, primers, brushes)

Cuccio’s two core systems are Revolution and Ultra Clear. “Both the Revolution and Ultra Clear powders are finely milled three times for a silky feel; leaving no space for air pockets and thus creating a tighter molecular structure,” comments Cuccio UK elite educator, Lisa Dunlop. “This allows the enhancements to have high clarity and less lifting issues.”

Revolution is slow setting; ideal for those that like time to create a nail look and those working in warmer climates as has a slower polymerisation point.

Ultra Clear is ideal for advanced technicians and competition work. “Its formula has a higher level of Ethyl Methacrylate in comparison to Revolution to make it set faster, but it still allows the tech to maintain control,” Lisa adds.

“In addition, Cuccio uses co-polymer technology, meaning bubbles are less likely in the finished nail look, and the powders contain optical enhancers for a crystal-clear finish.”

What’s more, the Ultra Clear Try Me Kit is reduced to almost half price until March. It contains:

  • 60ml Ultra Clear Monomer
  • White, Pink and Clear powders in 14g sizes
  • 50 Cuccio Pro forms
  • 10ml Extra Strength primer
  • A sample pot of either Doll Tan or Sun Kissed Nudecrylics powder

Visit www.cuccio.co.uk to purchase or call 0115 975 3656.