Chloe Randall

US-based manicure robot paints nails in 10 minutes

By Chloe Randall | 03 June 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News


A start-up company in San Francisco has debuted the first manicure robot, which can paint nails in approximately ten minutes.

Clockwork, which has opened a lab, offers contactless manicures for less than eight dollars.

The lab’s two new machines take photos of customers’ nails and then coat them with polish, but are not able to cut or shape the nails. When the client is ready, hands are placed one at a time inside the machine with one finger being placed under a sensor, and cameras inside the machine taking photos of the nail to determine its exact shape before painting.

After being in development since 2017, the company has now opened a pop up shop for customers to try the robot out for the first time.

Appointments are booked up for weeks in advance and whilst the service is currently only available in their pop up shop, they are hoping to expand the horizon in the future.