Vodex donates extraction unit to nail tech supporting clients with cancer

By Helena Biggs | 20 January 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

Vodex Salonair Tracey Unwin

Beauty industry extraction specialist, Vodex, donated a SalonAIR unit to Tracey Unwin following a heartwarming email from the tech.

Tracey explained that she was starting a new chapter in her life and needed some help. She wanted to offer free pamper sessions to women who were fighting cancer or had recovered from it.

As a cancer survivor herself, Tracey understood how difficult it could be for women to go to a salon, especially when they may be feeling that they didn’t look their best. So, she took it upon herself to create a personalised, private space in which she could offer them complimentary nail, lash and brow treatments and sought salon equipment to suit her budget, or with any special offers.

Poala Taylor-Riddick, director and co-founder of Vodex Ltd, picked up the email. She comments:

“Receiving emails like this are part and parcel for a company with over 35 years’ experience in the fume and dust extraction industry, but there was something a little bit different about this request.”

“I am passionate about protecting the health and lungs of everyone working in and visiting salons. I started the business due to my own experience with salon fumes and was relieved that Tracey had approached Vodex, which provides compliant products hat pass the rigorous EN1822 Eurovent HEPA filter tests.

“I decided to donate a SalonAIR unit to Tracey. It has been specifically designed for the beauty and cosmetic industry and has everything needed to take out vapours and nail dust out of the air and safely filter them away.”

Vodex SalonAir 1001 Extraction Unit, available via www.vodex.co.uk

The SalonAIR unit has a PreBOX filter along with an H13 HEPA filter to extract fine dust. The clean air then passes through a Salon Blended DeepBed Carbon filter that removes the fumes, vapours and smells.

The powerful suction of this unit grabs harmful materials from the air before they can circulate in the room and get into the breathing zone. What’s more, there is a choice of attachment accessories, depending on whether you want to remove fumes and dust from above or below; namely the arm and nozzle (above) or FileOTRAY® or FileOWAY® (below).

Tracey tending to nails at over the FileOWAY

“The extraction unit it great; the best I’ve used,” Tracey comments. “I can’t thank Vodex enough for gifting it to me to support the free treatments I’m giving to brave ladies that have gone through and are going through cancer treatment.

To learn more about the Vodex SalonAIR®, click here.

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