Want dazzling nails? Check out INK London’s 7-piece Stardust collection

By Helena Biggs | 08 April 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

Ink London Stardust Collection

INK London has unveiled its sparkling Stardust collection; 7 i-Lac gel polish shades that each boast a densely packed pearly/glittery effect.

Inspired by disco vibes and starry nights, the effect dazzles under low or bright light.

A spokesperson from INK London comments: “Stardust has a higher gel content than other i-Lac shades so removal will take a little longer. It is recommended that you buff off the top coat and as much colour coat as possible, without exposing the nail plate before wrapping.

“After 10-15 minutes the colour will lift away nicely.  You may need to re-wrap to remove any stubborn bits and gently push off the excess with an orange wood stick. If using a bonder, use sparingly. This collection is designed for endurance!”

All colours from the Stardust collection should be applied in two coats. Shades are available individually or as a complete collection.