Westfield London welcomes beauty bar inspired by famous painting

By Helena Biggs | 24 October 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Mizzi Studio, S&g Beautique, Westfield London Photo Luke Hayes (6)

 A brass shell-like beauty bar has been unveiled a the entrance to Westfield London.

Designed by Mizzi Studio, the beauty bar for S&G Beautique has been inspired by The Birth of Venus, a painting by Boticelli. The painting depicts the goddess of beauty standing in a giant shell, and Mizzi Studio has created a dramatic brass cocoon – mimicking the natural contours of a shell – to house the beauty bar.

The 6×4 metre beauty bar houses a treatment room, an area for eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions and a nail bar.

To maximise on space and utility, the sculptural walls have been designed to have a secondary function as seating, and the interior of the beauty bar has a soft dusky pink palette.

“We wanted to create a jewel that would stand apart from every other kiosk and be an emblem of beauty for our client,” comments Matthew Chilton, associate at Mizzi Studio.

“We chose to move away from the conventional, white, clinical look and instead embrace colour, warmth and drama.”

www.sngbeautique.com / www.mizzi.co

Photos by Luke Hayes