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Why white nails are trending on TikTok

By Emma Hobday | 12 July 2021 | News

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Move over updating your relationship status on Facebook; there’s a new way to tell the world whether you’re single or taken.

Teens on TikTok are painting their nails white to signify singledom, and baby blue if they’re in a relationship. So, why white? According to Urban Dictionary, white nails mean someone is ‘ready to move on; to have a fresh start.’ It also symbolises cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity.

The baby blue ‘taken’ colour comes from the theory that when women ask their partners what colour they should paint their nails (any colour you like, tbh) they always say light blue. This trend is believed to have started in 2020 when TikTok user @_urdadsgirlfriend shared a video to the platform asking “Why is it that every time you ask a boy what colour you should get your nails they say light blue?” However it’s not known who started the trend of white nails symbolising being single.

So are you a single Pringle? Or are you giving us full #relationshipgoals?

We’ll let the colour of your nails decide.