Winners announced in To Stiletto & Beyond nail competition

By Helena Biggs | 05 December 2023 | Movers & Shakers, News

Mino Vo Nailympia New Comp

Nailympia London introduced the To Stiletto & Beyond competition at the end of November 2023, recognising nine winners across three divisions.

In an unprecedented move, the team at Nailympia took a series of requests to appeal scores from the latest Nailympia London, to a new level.

“After noting that the Invent a Nail Shape competition was proving challenging for judges and creating confusion for competitors, it was necessary to relook at this competition and revitalise it,” reveals Alex Fox, global director of Nailympia Competitions. “It was clear that very few entries right across the globe have been actual shape and structure nail inventions since introducing this competition, however we have seen stunning nails crafted for this category. Therefore, it’s been difficult to judge and has afforded concerns that if competitors were not fitting the brief, then should these entries be disqualified?

“I’m not one to disqualify unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary, therefore we needed to find a solution that works now and in the future.”

Opting for a solution-oriented approach, the team, inspired by head judge, Marian Newman’s insight, decided to listen to industry feedback. Marian Newman observed that competitors were pushing for an industry shift, seeking a competition that allowed complete creative autonomy over shape and design after establishing the stiletto structure. The competitors wanted to create a stiletto nail and from there let their creative juices go wild and bring a new-fashioned nail to life.

From this premise, it was decided to take all the entries that had been submitted, scored and awarded for Invent A Nail Shape, at Nailympia London 2023, and move them into a new competition. The criteria were reformed, the initial four judges from the original competition invited to re-score the entries and a fifth judge added, giving the competition 13 different criteria.

Three winners across three divisions have been awarded, and score sheets for this category have been sent to provide a comprehensive and fair evaluation of their creative endeavours.

To Stiletto & Beyond: The winners 2023

Division 1

  • 1st – Nozi Brandel – Israel
  • 2nd – Mei Kwan Leung – Australia
  • 3rd – Tatiana Solovyeva – Russian Federation

Division 2

  • 1st – Mariana Costirco – UK
  • 2nd – Natalia Cibizova – Italy
  • 3rd – Lyubov Tudakova – Russian Federation

Division 3

  • 1st – Mino Vo – UK
  • 2nd – Tatyana Texter – Germany
  • 3rd – Charisse Cassie – UK

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