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WowBao Nails reveals pink portable E-file for left & right handed techs

By Scratch Staff | 29 April 2022 | News, Products & Treatments

Wowbao Nails E File

WowBao Nails has unveiled a slick pink E-file that boasts a speed of up to 35,000RPM.

Founded by Jen Nguyen, who moved to London from Vietnam to pursue a business studies course before turning her part-time job in a nail salon into her full-time career, WowBao Nails made its mark on the UK nail sector in 2020. It offers a vast portfolio of products, from its popular L&P system to over 100 gel polishes, nail art products, tools and accessories.

The name ‘WowBao Nails’ is a combination of Jen’s Vietnamese name, Bao, and her unwavering passion for quality ‘wow factor’ products.

The pink E-file is the latest addition to the brand’s burgeoning product line. Offering reverse/forward functions and premium E-file bits (available separately), the E-file is ideal for both left and right handed nail professionals. It works smoothly and quietly and is equipped with a protection sensor that will automatically cut the motor out if too much pressure is applied to prevent damage.

Ideal for trained pros to undertake prep work, and artificial enhancement removal and shaping, the E-file has a low vibration. t has an LED display and charging port desk base. Under normal conditions, the rechargeable battery will last for 8-10 hours of use after a three hour charge.

A reviewer by the alias ‘H.O.’ comments of the E-file: “Absolutely stunning looking E-file. Beautifully designed. Very comfortable to use with almost no vibration and very quiet. I have both WowBao e-files and highly recommend them.”

The WowBao E-file from Crown Nails is complemented by the Crown Nails E-File course, available here.

Click here to purchase the E-file.