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Inside look: Sweet Squared’s CND Plexigel™ Tour, Brighton

By Chloe Randall | 24 March 2022

Sweet Squared has been touring the UK with CND Plexigel™, hosting education events in various locations for nail professionals to learn about the system. I caught the event when it stopped off at The Grand Brighton, on 21 March 2022. I was greeted by Sweet Squared co-founder, Samantha Sweet and…

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Women from Newcastle are the most body confident in the UK

By Scratch Staff | 24 July 2018

A nationwide survey of British females has found ladies from the North-East city are the least likely to have hang ups about their bodies. The study by Veet Hair Removal of 2,000 women found 60% of ladies from Newcastle – the highest number of women by UK city – claim…

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