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CBD oil skincare branded top beauty trend for 2021

By Alex Fox | 3 February 2021

CBD oils are the skincare industry’s new preferred and star ingredient used by forward-thinking skincare chemists, and with a growing number of studies supporting their benefits, it’s easy to understand why. Information from several clinical studies analysed by Fraîcheur Paris points out the promising CBD oil benefits for multiple skin conditions.…

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Cannabis Leaf

Report finds that global CBD skincare market could be worth $959 million by 2024

By Zoe Wickens | 26 January 2020

The Impact Series: Disrupting Beauty report has found that the CBD skincare market is projected to bring in US$959 million in sales by 2024. Market intelligence and strategic consultancy firm Prohibition Partners put together the report, which explained that due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, consumer demand…

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