5 tips for creating a successful nail community

By Rebecca Hitchon | 13 October 2023

Being part of this industry can be lonely – around two-thirds of beauty professionals are self-employed, and while clients provide chit-chat throughout the working day, the focus of these conversations is likely on them. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people in the sector – whether virtually or physically – is paramount…

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Clawgasmic Nail Network

Clawgasmic nail network offers monthly inspo & support

By Helena Biggs | 21 June 2020

A season nail artist has created a subscription based website to offer regular video nail art tutorials. Chan, aka @chan_littlebitsnails, has pooled a team of eight other talented techs who will each create a tutorial video and submit it to subscription based website, The Clawgasmic Nail Network every month, for…

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