Katie Barnes Holding Tools Properly Blog

Revealed: Why the angle in which you use your tools is important

By Katie Barnes | 21 June 2022

In a previous blog post for Scratch, we covered the importance of correctly holding your nail brush for success. This covers angles and where on the brush you hold.   This is no different for nail tools or other implements we may use throughout the nail service. If your tools…

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Katie Barnes Cuticle Feature

How to remove the cuticle safely

By Katie Barnes | 7 July 2020

The cuticle can be unsightly and if not removed from the nail plate correctly, can lead to service breakdown. To safely work on this area, firstly it is essential to understand the difference between the cuticle and the proximal nail fold or eponychium. There is a lot of controversy and…

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The Edge Tools

The Edge Nails reveals new and improved range of nail tools

By Sophie Nutt | 14 November 2018

The Edge Nails has revealed it’s new and improved range of nail tools for techs. Aiding precision, the new tools feature pillow packaging and see rejuvenated versions of the Cuticle Nipper, Straight Scissors and Cuticle Pusher. Shop the tools via www.edgenails.co.uk

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