Gen Z Recruitment

3 tips for recruiting Gen Z nail & beauty employees

By Guest Writer | 20 February 2024

Avril Kealy, digital marketing expert at Phorest salon software, shares advice on recruiting Generation Z into your salon… Salon recruitment is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. In Dennis Van Lierop’s 2023 Phorest Salon Owners Summit workshop, the recruitment coach revealed that 70% of Gen Z professionals were considering…

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Cost Of Living Crisis

9 ways to support employees during the cost of living crisis

By Guest Writer | 26 May 2023

Experts at employee engagement software company, Weekly10, have collated nine top tips for businesses to support staff during tough economic times… 1. Focus on employee engagement When employees feel connected to their work, peers and company mission, they’re more likely to find meaning in their work. They feel like they…

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6 ways to promote wellness in your salon

By Sophie Nutt | 27 February 2020

Liz McKeon, beauty business expert, reveals six ways to promote wellness in your salon business… “Conduct health ‘wish list’ assessments. Create surveys that let employees share their health ‘wish list’. Such polls can include questions on topics like nutrition and exercise, while also asking how the business can support employee…

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Agreement Blur Blurred Background 1154757

How to boost staff morale

By Sophie Nutt | 5 January 2020

It can be tough to return to work in January following an over-indulgent festive period where days my have been spent in pyjamas and the ‘it’s Christmas!‘ excuse used perhaps a little too often. The days are still dark and it can be a challenge to leave a warm bed…

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Adult Blond Hair Businesswomen 1432945

How to keep staff happy

By Sophie Nutt | 25 July 2019

Finding an ideal candidate and offering them the job is not the end of the salon recruitment process. Retaining staff is an ongoing responsibility and ensuring their happiness is key to the. There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula formula to retaining staff, so it might take some trial…

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