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Gelish unveils On The Go Electric Nail File for beginners & mobile pros

By Callie Iley | 5 April 2024

Gelish has launched the On The Go Electric Nail File: a beginner and student-friendly E-file with a cordless design and lightweight finish. The Gelish Mini On The Go Electric Nail File has three speeds with low, medium and high settings: ideal for removing gel enhancements and shaping, filing and manicuring…

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Efiles Feature Header

E-files: Understanding use, RPM, torque & more

By Callie Iley | 25 November 2023

Get to grips with E-files as Scratch explores use, key features, care tips and more… The use of an E-file in a nail service can significantly speed up the shaping and filing process, as well as reduce the physically demanding and repetitive use of hand files. “Some nail technicians are…

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Katie Barnes File 1200x800

Are you holding your nail file correctly? Find out here…

By Katie Barnes | 4 May 2021

Although filing the natural nail shape may seem like it’s as simple as using a back-and-forth motion, the truth is there’s much more to it.  The way in which you hold your nail file when filing the natural nail or enhancements is critical for the desired results and shape.  Start…

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Katie Barnes File Lower Arch

Nail technique: How to successfully file the lower arch in 5 steps

By Katie Barnes | 27 October 2020

One of the most common mistakes a tech can make is over filing the lower arch of the nail, especially if the form or tip fit was incorrect in the first place. Careful and controlled filing can help to prevent this. The way you hold your file is important when…

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Elim Beauty

Behind the Brand: Meet Shantelle Booysen, founder of Elim

By Sophie Nutt | 11 June 2020

Striving to change the way therapists think about the traditional pedicure, Elim offers a treatment that uses state-of-the-art ingredients to elevate the experience for both client and pro. While some pedicures rely on the filing of the skin, Elim’s MediHeel pedicure chemically breaks down protein bonds in the skin to…

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Katie Barnes Filing Blog

Why & how you need to perfect your filing technique

By Katie Barnes | 14 May 2019

Having a well-structured filing routine that is repeated on every single nail is paramount for success and consistency when finishing and filing your nail enhancements. Many nail technicians rely on filing to fix any issues from poor application. However, filing should only be used to refine and perfect application techniques,…

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Amn Pro Series Ceramic Bits Row

Cater to e-file needs with Americanails Pro-Series Ceramic Bits

By Sophie Nutt | 19 January 2019

Americanails has revealed its Pro-Series Ceramic Bits range to cater to every e-file need. Durable and easy to sanitise, this kit boasts a variety of bit shapes in hardwearing ceramic carbide. Available via

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Katie Barnes Straight Sidewalls

Why lateral structure will help your nails go the distance

By Katie Barnes | 22 August 2018

Educator and award-winning nail technician, Katie Barnes, reveals why nail endurance is dependent on nail structure – and serves up advice on perfecting it… Beauty and endurance are two of the main qualities a client looks for when it comes to their enhancements. Both tech and client don’t want to…

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