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8 best products you need for beautiful feet this summer

By Emma Hobday | 11 July 2021

Hands up if your feet are looking a tad neglected? Are the perils of dry skin, calluses, dullness and tired, achy feet bringing you a feeling of meh and a want to hide them away? Well, you can’t – summer is officially here for the taking and Scratch has rounded…

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Soften feet in 60 seconds with LovaSkin Instant Foot Peeling treatment

By Helena Biggs | 6 August 2020

Pure Nails has welcomed LovaSkin; an instant foot peeling product that softens rough soles in 60 seconds. Perfect for your pedi services, LovaSkin Instant Foot Peeling was launched in May 2019 by Swedish beauty entrepreneur, Lovisa. She was inspired to create kind and efficient skincare products after her mother developed…

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