Halo Pure Nails Gel Polish Application

Back To Basics: 3 steps to ensure your gel polish goes the distance

By Guest Writer | 16 November 2020

At Pure Nails, we think that Lockdown 2.0 is the perfect time to go back to basics and perfect your core skills; namely how ensure a chip-free, durable finish. Step 1: Preparation Cuticle work: This step is vital in the application of flawless gel polish. Gently push back the cuticle…

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Carrie Leigh Allen Nail Design

How to perfect the application technique for Artistic Colour Gloss

By Sophie Nutt | 28 June 2018

Hone your Artistic Colour Gloss technique as Scratch probes Carrie-Leigh Allen, educator for Louella Belle, about the ideal application technique for Artistic Colour Gloss… “For the perfect application of Artistic Colour Gloss, ensure cuticle work is performed thoroughly, leaving no non-living tissue on the nail plate. Remove surface shine and file the…

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