The most Googled skincare ingredients of the year

By Kat Hill | 3 August 2020

Beauty & skincare supplier, Cult Beauty, has discovered the most searched for skincare ingredients of the year so far. Using data from search engine, Google, including the most searched skin care questions, Cult Beauty has identified trends and ingredients to note. Vitamin C is the most searched for ingredient, while…

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Beauty Treatment

Google searches for D.I.Y beauty treatments spike

By Sophie Nutt | 9 June 2020

The number of Google searches for D.I.Y beauty treatments has quadrupled since March and April 2019, with over one million related queries. The team at Cult Beauty has compared the number of UK Google searches in March and April 2019 to March and April 2020 to reveal the most popular…

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Face Mask

Can you guess the UK’s most Google searched beauty questions?

By Sophie Nutt | 23 March 2020

Online beauty platform, Cosmetify, has analysed Google search data to reveal the UK’s biggest questions surrounding skincare, brows and eyes, haircare and make-up. The top 10 most searched beauty questions in the UK (according to their Google search volume) are: How to get rid of spots? (8,900 searches) How to cut your own hair?…

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