My life as a nail technician with endometriosis

By Scratch Staff | 15 March 2024

The NHS states that endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. It is a long-term condition, which can have a variety of symptoms and affects each woman differently, ranging from severe…

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Allergy Hands Itchy

The FNP reveals findings from its first nail industry allergy survey

By Guest Writer | 25 April 2022

Marian Newman BEM, chair of The Federation of Nail Professionals, shares findings from the FNP’s first allergy survey… A large part of the nail sector is aware of an ‘allergy epidemic’ that we and our clients are suffering from. Acrylate based nail coatings have been available and used since, at…

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vycel web banner

Next-gen technology for sanitising salons for efficient cleaning in less than 10 minutes

By Alex Fox | 23 June 2021

The Vycel sanitising spray (a fine mist projected up to 2metres across a room), is 99.99% effective against viruses and a perfect solution for  addressing salon hygiene by harnessing the latest technology and knowledge to provide solutions to the physical threats posed by infection. It not only disinfects the surfaces…

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Top tips for optimum wellbeing

By Alex Fox | 19 June 2021

“Our bodies, when they produce symptoms, are communicating with us – telling us that all is not well.  This book will help you to decipher what your body is trying to say,” says author, Kate Chaytor-Norris, nutritional therapist. This book is like having an expert friend on speed dial, answering all your…

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Mental Health Canva

3 ways to #ConnectWithNature to support good mental health

By Helena Biggs | 10 May 2021

The last year has seen us ‘locked down’; nesting inside the same four walls for longer periods of time than any of us have ever known. Many have been isolated at home alone, others in a pressure-cooker style environment with family or friends; both of which can contribute to feelings…

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Make Up Sponge

The cost of beauty – make-up wipes: made of plastic, don’t biodegrade, block sewers, unkind to skin – time for a rethink

By Alex Fox | 5 May 2021

We’re flushing away or binning an astonishing 11 billion wet wipes every year, which can take up to 100 years to biodegrade. BusinessWaste.co.uk, waste management specialist, is concerned about the volume of waste being created by used make-up wipes and says as a nation, we need to change our ways.…

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Nail On Sunday

8 ways to tackle nail industry bullying

By Alex Fox | 27 April 2021

The truth behind a bully – an insight by UK nail tech Leo Ko-Nkengmo   by nail artist & educator, Leo Ko-Nkengmo of The Nail on Sunday blog  The hair and beauty industry has taken a beating this past year alongside other industries. The monotony of the pandemic is a…

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Tewaq Banner

Salon safe: world’s 1st self-disinfecting door handle

By Alex Fox | 23 February 2021

A tech company has launched the world’s first smart self-disinfecting door handle, which can potentially eradicate millions of pathogens per building, save businesses thousands in cleaning costs and contribute to a post-COVID19 way of life. Swiss tech company, Tweaq launched its self-cleaning aluminium door handle, Touch 1, in November 2020…

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Vodex File 1200

Why & how you should remove fumes & dust from the nail space

By Guest Writer | 10 September 2020

The team at extraction specialist company, Vodex, reveals why it’s imperative to remove fumes & dust from your workspace – and what the consequences are if you don’t… If you work with nails, you will have experienced fumes and mess from filing and enhancement products. If you don’t wipe surfaces…

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Health & Beauty Face Gloves

Health & beauty sector ‘least prepared’ for second wave of Coronavirus

By Sophie Nutt | 28 August 2020

The health and beauty sector is the least prepared for a second wave of Covid-19, according to a new survey by Brightpearl. The research (a survey of 500 retailers) found that 75% of health and beauty businesses said they have made no preparations at all for a second wave of…

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