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Cosmetics ingredients information is at your fingertips with this mobile app

By Rebecca Hitchon | 5 December 2023

On average, European consumers use over seven different cosmetics daily, but do you know about their ingredients? European personal care association, Cosmetics Europe, is on a mission to drive transparency and improve cosmetics ingredients knowledge, with the launch of the COSMILE Europe app. Allowing users to scan an ingredients list…

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10 Ingredients In Beauty Products W Uses

10 ingredients in your beauty products & their uses

By Callie Iley | 25 September 2023

Explore 10 common ingredients found in nailcare products & their functions… Allantoin Ideal for treating cracked and damaged skin, allantoin supports the healing process and has gentle exfoliating properties. It is used to soften and moisturise cuticles and encourages nail growth. This conditioning cuticle cream helps to soften both the…

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Facial Oil

Cosmetics industry predicted to move towards up-cycled ingredients

By Sophie Nutt | 29 August 2020

Food byproducts are being increasingly up-cycled as raw materials by the cosmetics industry, according to Ecovia Intelligence. Food byproducts are already established as a source of natural ingredients and some, such as palm kernel oil, are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products. There is greater demand for such…

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The most Googled skincare ingredients of the year

By Kat Hill | 3 August 2020

Beauty & skincare supplier, Cult Beauty, has discovered the most searched for skincare ingredients of the year so far. Using data from search engine, Google, including the most searched skin care questions, Cult Beauty has identified trends and ingredients to note. Vitamin C is the most searched for ingredient, while…

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Do you know these top 5 beauty trends for 2020?

By Sophie Nutt | 28 February 2020

US grocery chain Whole Foods Market has revealed its top beauty trends for 2020, where its buyers have predicted the cosmetic and wellness products and ingredients that will go mainstream. 1. Bakuchiol An alternative to retinol, the vegan-friendly ingredient is an extract derived from the seeds of the East Asian…

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