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4 controversial nail industry trends

By Katie Barnes | 23 February 2024

In the ever-evolving world of nails, trends come and go and sometimes, controversial topics arise that spark debate among qualified nail technicians. As professionals in the industry, it’s essential to stay informed and educated on these discussions to better serve our clients and uphold the highest standards of nailcare and…

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E File Stock Image Nails

E-files: Why is direction so important?

By Katie Barnes | 23 October 2023

Most professional E-files will come with two directions, forward and reverse. I always recommend investing in an E-file with both directions, to allow for enhanced performance and safe results. This type of E-file is sometimes mistakenly referred to as left and right-handed, but this is not always the direction that…

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Recycling Canva

Revealed: The beauty products that can & can’t be recycled

By Katie Barnes | 21 October 2023

Recycling is a challenge for small businesses, particularly in terms of getting hold of services or outlets for the small volumes of waste materials that are produced. For beauty and nail professionals, this can prove even more difficult. While some specialist collection services do exist in some areas for some…

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Katie Barnes E File Bit Clogged

Here’s why your E-file bits get clogged – & what to do about it

By Katie Barnes | 3 October 2023

Often, when E-file bits get clogged, it is likely the product it becomes clogged with is uncured. This could be gel, acrygel, gel polish or even acrylic. When product is fully cured it presents as pure dust which will sit in the teeth of your bit and still needs removing…

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Nail Tools General Pic

Here’s why you shouldn’t let your nail & beauty tools air dry after cleaning

By Katie Barnes | 11 September 2023

Most nail tools and e-file bits are made from steel and iron. Rust occurs on nail tools, E-file bits, and other metal items when water (or moisture including humidity) and oxygen come into contact with iron or steel for a certain amount of time. This is a naturally occurring chemical…

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E File Bits Katie Barnes

The difference between left and right-handed E-file bits

By Katie Barnes | 24 August 2023

Most E-files will come with two directions, most commonly called forward and reverse. The forward direction will rotate the E-file bits in the correct direction when working from right to left, or commonly for a right-handed tech. The reverse direction will rotate the bits in the correct direction for a…

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Kb Mini E File Mandrel And Kb Mini Sanding Bands News Header

Upgrade your E-File routine with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel & KB Mini Sanding Bands

By Callie Iley | 23 August 2023

Katie Barnes Tool Range has expanded its offering with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel & KB Mini Sanding Bands. Give your nail prep and shaping services an upgrade with the KB Mini E-File Mandrel and KB Mini Sanding Bands, featuring a compact size to support techs in navigating the nail…

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Scoresheets Ssas19

Insight: Understanding scoresheets from nail & beauty competitions

By Katie Barnes | 31 July 2023

To not be a finalist or winner in a nail competition or awards can leave you wondering what you did wrong and make you question your skills. As a competitor and judge, I would like to share my experiences… Recognition aside, simply applying for a nail award or being shortlisted…

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Are Your Gloves Protecting You Against Nail Ingredients

Are your gloves protecting you against nail ingredients?

By Katie Barnes | 18 July 2023

In a previous blog for Scratch, we explored what gloves are needed for nail technicians and covered thickness and how often these need to be changed. In this blog, we delve deeper into chemical permeability and how to know if your gloves protect you against the chemicals which you use…

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Camera Nails Hands

How to successfully edit your nail photos

By Katie Barnes | 17 July 2023

In a previous blog, I shared 5 top tips on improving your nail photos. In this post, I am going to share more about editing your nail photos. Editing images these days, including nail images is a controversial topic. Your nail images should show the quality and truth of your…

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