Recycling Canva

Revealed: The beauty products that can & can’t be recycled

By Katie Barnes | 18 March 2024

Recycling is a challenge for small businesses, particularly in terms of getting hold of services or outlets for the small volumes of waste materials that are produced. For beauty and nail professionals, this can prove even more difficult. While some specialist collection services do exist in some areas, they are…

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Efiles Feature Header

E-files: Understanding use, RPM, torque & more

By Callie Iley | 25 November 2023

Get to grips with E-files as Scratch explores use, key features, care tips and more… The use of an E-file in a nail service can significantly speed up the shaping and filing process, as well as reduce the physically demanding and repetitive use of hand files. “Some nail technicians are…

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teaching chalk nails

Is teaching nail courses the next step for you?

By Katie Barnes | 11 January 2022

Have you changed your career focus since the start of the pandemic? Something you may have started, already be toying with, or not yet even considered, is education. Teaching is not for everyone. It takes a very specific skill set to teach. Being exceptional at the subject in hand, does…

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