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Apply magnetic lashes easily with Magnetise Magnetic Eyeliner

By Sophie Nutt | 3 September 2019

Lash Perfect has revealed the Magnetise Magnetic Liner for easy application of Magnetise Magnetic Lashes. Simply sweep the eyeliner over the eyelid before connecting Magnetise Magnetic Lashes to the liner, which contains tiny magnetic fibres. The liner boasts all-day staying power and can be used with all Magnetise lash styles.…

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Natalialash Plain Jpg

Create dramatic eye looks with Natalia Magnetic Lashes

By Sophie Nutt | 15 February 2019

The Eyelash Design Company has added a seventh style to its Magnetic Lashes range. The Natalia style has three magnets per lash for quick, easy application and is a longer strip that other styles, offering a more dramatic effect. Three magnets also ensure the lash stays in place across the…

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Ellie Lashes

Get party ready with new Magnetise lash style

By Helena Biggs | 6 December 2018

The Eyelash Design Company has added a new style to its popular Magnetise Magnetic Lashes range. Quick and easy to apply, magnetic lashes can simply be adhered by sandwiching the natural lash between the top and bottom Magnetise lashes. The two lashes connect with the small but powerful lashes to…

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Lash Fx Magnetise Rosie Magnetic Lashes

LashFX launches limited edition magnetic lashes for charity

By Helena Biggs | 4 October 2018

The Eyelash Design Company is supporting The Pink Ribbon Foundation with the launch of the ‘Rosie’ style in its Magnetise magnetic lash range. An ideal retail item and speedy treatment add-on, the lightweight lashes are easy to apply; simply place one strip under the top lash and the other on…

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Lsh Fx Magnetic Lashes

Attract attention with Lash FX magnetic eyelashes

By Sophie Nutt | 1 February 2018

Eliminating the need for glue, these super-model inspired strip lashes contain a small magnet that fixes to the top and lower lash for easy application. The Lash FX Magnetise Magnetic Eyelashes can be gently cleaned to keep them looking fresh every time they are worn, while they offer to blend…

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