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Touch therapy qualification launches for beauty pros to support menopausal clients 

By Rebecca Hitchon | 24 June 2022

Skincare specialist, therapist trainer and founder of the Menopause Plus (M+) support platform, Jennifer Young, has launched a touch therapy qualification to help beauty professionals aid clients facing the effects of menopause. Launched on 24 June 2022, the Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapy qualification will enable beauty therapists to provide tailored…

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M+ platform launches to change the narrative around menopause in the salon

By Rebecca Hitchon | 24 March 2022

Specialist in oncology therapies, skincare and wellbeing for cancer patients, Jennifer Young, has launched the M+ (The Menopause Plus) platform. Best known for her cancer training for beauty pros and Beauty Despite Cancer skincare line, Jennifer’s M+ forum is designed to make the narrative around menopause more positive. The website…

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