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The top 5 mistakes nail techs are making on social media

By Jo Tompkins | 19 February 2024

I’ve probably looked at more nail tech social media pages than anyone else on the planet. I have also probably helped more nail techs than anyone else on the planet to get fully booked and earn £3-5k a month, and part of that strategy comes down to social media marketing. …

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I’m a multi award-winning nail tech – and here’s my strategy for business success

By Jo Tompkins | 15 January 2024

After building a successful, award-winning mobile nail business, Joanna Tompkins was awarded the Scratch Stars Nail Business Mentor Of The Year Award in 2023 for her work within the free Nail Tech Tribe community and the Nail Business Success Club (NBSC). She supports sole trader nail techs and beauticians, who…

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