Lolli Hamilton Eeyore And Piglet Nail Tech Talk Feature Header

Nail Tech Talk: Lolli Hamilton of Nail Artistry by Lolli

By Callie Iley | 28 February 2024

Lolli Hamilton discusses her commitment to fostering an inclusive & welcoming salon space at Nail Artistry by Lolli, & explores the importance of individuality in the nail community. Formerly a freelance make-up artist, Lolli decided it was time for a career change during the lockdown. Enrolling in a range of…

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Nergish Wadia Austin Qualities That Make A Successful Nail Technician

The 3 qualities that make a successful nail technician

By Guest Writer | 23 February 2024

Reach your goals and ensure success with advice from esteemed beauty business expert, Nergish Wadia-Austin, as she explores the importance of personality, knowledge and skill in successful nail technicians. Exceptional personality qualities Successful nail professionals exhibit a blend of precision and creativity, making a welcoming environment for clients. Patience is…

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Abi Hassan Navigating Access Needs

Navigating accessibility needs in the salon

By Abi Hassan | 10 February 2024

Abi Hassan, owner of Canterbury-based salon, Hot Wheels Nails, explores ways nail techs and salon owners can ensure they effectively meet the accessibility needs of staff and clients. I have personally faced many challenges relating to my disability as a nail technician, and have spoken to other professionals as well as…

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Miki Nails Headshot

Nail Tech Talk: Inside the world of My Name Is Miki Nail

By Callie Iley | 6 February 2024

Meet Miki of My Name Is Miki Nail, the New York nail tech who tends to the nails of Ariana Grande, as she shares her career journey and reveals the nail shade worn in the Yes, And? music video… Working for a fashion company in her early 20s, Miki became…

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Inclusion Orange Cut Out

The importance of creating accessible salon spaces for clients & staff

By Abi Hassan | 5 February 2024

Abi Hassan, owner of Canterbury-based salon, Hot Wheels Nails, explores key considerations for nail techs and employers when creating accessible salon settings to suit clients and staff… As a salon owner or an independent nail technician, it is important to consider ways in which your environment could be more accessible. Transparency…

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Nailing Disabilities Yasmin Hodge Header

Nailing Disabilities: Meet Yasmin Hodge, the nail tech on a mission to create an inclusive beauty industry

By Callie Iley | 1 February 2024

Sharing the profound impact of her health conditions on her work, Yasmin Hodge of Wolverhampton business, Gels By Yas, reveals how her experiences inspired the creation of Nailing Disabilities, a Facebook group for beauty professionals with disabilities and health conditions… Dealing with pain in her hands, wrists, shoulders, chest, back…

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Streamline & manage business operations with nail booking platform, Polishpad

By Rebecca Hitchon | 31 January 2024

Scratch chats to Abi Bright, founder of nail-focused booking web app, Polishpad, to discover how its range of features can benefit nail pros and clients – and learn about its competition for techs… Abi Bright’s passion for nails was realised when she was 16, and it’s something that stayed with…

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Self Care Meditaing Lady Pic

10 ways to practice self-care as a nail tech

By Callie Iley | 31 January 2024

Scratch explores the importance of self-care and looks at 10 ways to ensure you prioritise your wellbeing as a nail pro… 1. Take regular breaks Schedule breaks during your working day to recharge; whether five minutes between clients or a full lunch break to refuel and take a walk, to…

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Abi Hassan Hotwheelsnails Feature Header

My experiences as a disabled nail technician

By Abi Hassan | 29 January 2024

Abi Hassan, owner of Canterbury-based salon, Hot Wheels Nails, shares her experiences as a disabled nail technician and explores the importance of advocating for accessibility in the industry… As a disabled nail technician, I found navigating my way through the start-up of my business to be a minefield. I needed…

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Maria Nevirchak Nail Tech Talk Feature Header

Nail Tech Talk: Maria Nevirchak of Nevirchak Studio 

By Callie Iley | 27 January 2024

Maria Nevirchak entered the nail industry after she finished school, initially hoping to pursue a different career after her 18th birthday. However, she quickly found herself becoming immersed in the world of nails. “The more I delved into the profession, the less I felt the need to switch paths,” she…

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