Course Booking

How to choose your next nail course

By Kat Hill | 25 January 2019

Take note – this is the year to make it happen! Selecting a course to book is a commitment, so be sure you’re consider these top tips from the experts… “You will need to know what will be taught on the course, and be sure to think of the type…

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Opi Professional Absolute Acrylic

COURSE BITES: OPI Professional Absolute Acrylic 

By Kat Hill | 28 September 2017

Course Details: If you are looking to expand your treatment menu, this course is an ideal starting point for acrylic beginners. Attendees to the course will learn: Structure of the nail and physiology & anatomy of the hand & arm; Full client consultation; Salon hygiene, COSSH and sanitation; Contraindications, diseases and…

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