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Up-close & personal – get to know a global nail expert judge just that little bit better…

By Alex Fox | 4 June 2021

The website has created a sexy new little section of the website with featured judges . Taking it a step further, so nail techs & artists the world over can get to know the experts behind the curtain a little better, Nailympia has invited judges to answer a series…

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Nailympia Esotnia 2021

Welcome to Nailympia Live with Nailympia Estonia 2021

By Alex Fox | 3 June 2021

“The Online competition Nailympia Live is a way to save the beauty industry in the current global pandemic,” cites organiser Viktoria Prihodko. “The global nail service market is adapting and the last six months have been a severe test for the entire beauty industry. The beauty industry is one of…

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