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Cardiff named bare-faced capital of Great Britain  

By Kat Hill | 2 October 2018

New stats have revealed women are now, more than ever, opting for the minimalist look when it comes to make-up – with Cardiff being named as the UK city most likely to go bare-faced. The findings from product suppliers,, has revealed that almost one in five women in Cardiff…

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Third of women don’t remove make up before bed

By Kat Hill | 29 September 2018, beauty product suppliers, has revealed that less than two-thirds of women say they always remove products before going to bed. The research exploring beauty hygiene has shown that women in Nottingham who are the worst offenders, with almost one in five admitting to only occasionally taking it off before…

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Mascara revealed as favourite beauty product

By Kat Hill | 25 September 2018

Research has revealed the average number of beauty product women use every day, at just five cosmetics each day including moisturiser. The study from product suppliers,, found that Geordie women opt for four beauty products, while women from Plymouth wear the most make-up at seven products on average. The…

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