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Nurture a healthy state of mind by surrounding yourself with a great support network: all you need is love

By Alex Fox | 12 May 2021

All you need is love…global nail artist, educator & mentor Alisha Rimando shares her tekking truth  I can’t tell you how many times along my journey I’ve wanted to quit! It’s so easy to just stop.  STOP! Stop the stress, the pressure, the sleepless nights, the long days, the research,…

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Clawgasmic Nail Network

Clawgasmic nail network offers monthly inspo & support

By Helena Biggs | 21 June 2020

A season nail artist has created a subscription based website to offer regular video nail art tutorials. Chan, aka @chan_littlebitsnails, has pooled a team of eight other talented techs who will each create a tutorial video and submit it to subscription based website, The Clawgasmic Nail Network every month, for…

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Mobile Nails

Talk to the hand with mobile nails

By Sophie Nutt | 4 January 2018

Mobile network, 02, has announced a collaboration with beauty brand, Nails Inc, and inventor Sean Miles to create the first ever ‘mobile nails’, allowing users to make a phone call simply by lifting their fingers. The tech will consist of false nails and accompanying jewellery embedded with mobile and bluetooth…

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