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Top tips for optimum wellbeing

By Alex Fox | 19 June 2021

“Our bodies, when they produce symptoms, are communicating with us – telling us that all is not well.  This book will help you to decipher what your body is trying to say,” says author, Kate Chaytor-Norris, nutritional therapist. This book is like having an expert friend on speed dial, answering all your…

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Nail On Sunday

8 ways to tackle nail industry bullying

By Alex Fox | 27 April 2021

The truth behind a bully – an insight by UK nail tech Leo Ko-Nkengmo   by nail artist & educator, Leo Ko-Nkengmo of The Nail on Sunday blog  The hair and beauty industry has taken a beating this past year alongside other industries. The monotony of the pandemic is a…

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Raison d’Etre shares tips on how to avoid therapist burnout

By Sophie Nutt | 21 June 2019

In a job which is dedicated to caring for others and one that can have lots of back to back appointments, many spa therapists forget to give themselves breaks throughout the day or even the time to rest and stretch between clients. Spa therapists are on their feet all day…

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