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How to make the most of a nail competition

By Scratch Staff | 24 January 2020 | Expert Advice, Feature

Belinda Judges Ssas19

Belinda Price, OPI educator & capabilities co-ordinator, reveals why you should enter a nail competition – and how to make the most of the experience…

“Entering nail competitions is a great way to grow your skillset and develop your business. It’s a way of assessing where you’re at, setting goals, practicing techniques and improving yourself. It also makes for great publicity when you are successful.

“Be prepared to learn, before, after and during. Use it as a learning and development tool and get as much from it as possible.

“Social media makes marketing your competition journey easy so in the run up to a competition you can build some excitement and interest amongst your clients. I would then send press releases to local and trade press announcing your success. Remember success comes at different levels, it’s wonderful to be first but easy to put a positive slant on it if you’re not, for example; you achieve 4th place and are the highest scoring UK competitor.

“My advice for those preparing for a competition is to take a class with someone that has competed before to get hints and tips. Read the rules really thoroughly. Look at the score sheets if available; you might be hung up on improving your smile lines and in reality there are no scores given for that element in that comp. Read the rules! Every competition is different.”