Meet the CND™ icons: Marian Newman

By Helena Biggs | 28 January 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

Cnd Icon Marian

To celebrate 40 years of CND™ – and to honour the brand’s long-time fans, CND™ has brought back five of its most iconic shades, available for a limited time only.

The CND™ Iconic collection – featuring Company Red, Spike, Jiggy, Pointe Blanc and Satin Sheets available in Shellac only – celebrates classic style and sophistication, and is designed to ignite some cherished memories.

To celebrate this one-time launch, Sweet Squared, UK distributor of CND™, has unveiled a campaign in partnership with Scratch. It features Sweet Squared’s co-founders, Samantha & Samuel Sweet, on the front cover of the January 2020 edition, and photographs of industry professionals selected by Sweet Squared to present each colour. Here, we profile ‘The Trailblazer’ – Marian Newman…


Having worked in almost every area of the nail industry, Marian Newman is renowned in the session tech circle and is a powerhouse for nail knowledge and science. She has worked with the most notable names in the industry, including photographers Nick Knight and Mario Testino, and model, Kate Moss. Her presence at Fashion Week has transformed the nails of the catwalk, making beautifully groomed and polished nails a must-have to complement every wardrobe.

“My whole career is fascinating,” she reveals. “I live for the fascinating, surreal moments but when there have been so many, everything else can seem boring.”

Behind-the-scenes at the photo shoot for the Iconic campaign

Marian was one of the original education experts for Creative Nail Design (now CND) when the brand first came to the UK. “Gigi and I went to do International Bootcamp in San Diego and that was very exciting because it was at CND™ HQ, so I met the entire Nordstrom family; the founders of CND™. There were 150 people from all around the world that were our peers. They weren’t beginners, they were all top of their game. It was quite a defining moment for me.

“At Bootcamp, there’s nowhere to hide. It’s not just nail skills; you have to do presentations and we had to learn all about CND™ products, their features and benefits word for word and we got tested on them. We had to know everything and I saw the company for the amazing brand that it is.”

“The brand’s co-founder, Jan Arnold, used to say, and still does say, ‘you can’t educate what you don’t innovate’ and CND™ has always been a company that innovates – so knows how to educate. For me, CND™ answered all my questions at the beginning, and I don’t think that there is another company that is quite the same as CND™.”

Marian wears Spike for the Iconic collection campaign; a crimson bordeaux with deep metallic finish.

The CND™ Iconic collection is available via Sweet Squared.

Read more about Marian’s journey and the story behind the shades in the January 2020 issue of Scratch magazine.

Campaign photography by Jon Shard.