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The Scratch Stars Hall Of Fame celebrates the achievements of nail professionals or businesses that have taken the top title in the same category three times since the awards inception in 2012.

When a nail pro or tech achieves Hall Of Fame status, they cannot enter the same category again for three years, but are welcome to either enter other Scratch Stars Awards categories or become a Scratch Stars Awards judge.


Ultimate Nail Stylist & Ultimate Mixed Media Artist

Hazel’s rise to Scratch stardom was first recognised in 2015, when she was awarded the Shooting Star accolade for her progression, talent & techniques. In the year that followed, she scooped the top title in both the Scratch Stars Nail Stylist of the Year and Mixed Media Artist of the Year categories. Hazel took the double again in both 2017 and 2018 – thus entering her into the Hall Of Fame in two Scratch Stars categories.

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Ultimate Natural Nail Specialist

With focus on natural nail welfare that is yet unrivalled, Elise has scooped six Scratch Stars since the inception of the awards in 2012; the first two for Fibreglass Tech of the Year and Gel Polish Stylist of the Year. She projects into the Hall Of Fame owing to four titles in natural nail categories; two for Manicurist of the Year, and two for Natural Nail Specialist of the Year, which replaced the Manicurist category in 2017.


Ultimate Gel Tech

Paulina is no stranger to the Scratch Stars Awards stage, having taken home six trophies since 2013. She has showcased her champion skills in the Gel Polish Stylist (2014) and One Stroke Artist categories (2015 and 2017), but enters the Hall Of Fame for her gel prowess, having won the Gel Tech of the Year title in 2013, 2014 and 2018.

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Hall Of Fame Collages Metta Francis


Ultimate Mobile Nailist

With exceptional service delivery, a friendly demeanour and unrivalled passion for her craft and pro development, Metta Francis has shone in the Mobile Nailist of the Year category. Repeatedly gaining 98% or more in her mystery shop reports, Metta scooped the top title in her category in 2015, 2017 and 2019.


Ultimate Social Media Star

Glasgow based NAF! Salon is famed for its on-trend nail art and modern, quirky vibe. Its energetic team, led by Tammy Koslowski, work together to ensure that there's always something to talk about - be in merchandise (NAF! Stuff/NAF! Pro) or nail design.

The salon has scooped the Scratch Stars Award for Nail Salon of the Year twice, and entered the Hall of Fame for incredible use of social media, scooping the social media Scratch Star accolade in 2017, 2018 & 2019. Its Instagram account boasts over 126k followers.

Hall Of Fame Collages Naf Salon
Hall Of Fame Collages Rebecca Isaac


Ultimate One Stroke Artist

Rebecca has scooped the One Stroke Artist of the Year title for three consecutive years, showcasing her prowess with the technique and colour blends.

The Northampton based tech is founder of Finicki Nails and Midlands educator for Nail Artists UK.


Ultimate Nail Team

Owing to their exceptional team bond and dedication to education practice, the HD Nail Artist Academy team astounded the Scratch Stars judging panel in 2018, 2019 and 2020/21. They celebrated their Hall of Fame win by collaborating to produce a striking front cover image for  the January 2022 issue of Scratch.

Hall Of Fame Collages Hd Nail Artist Academy


Ultimate Nail & Beauty Salon

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