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Weak, brittle or ridged nails? Here’s how you can benefit from a manicure

By Emma Hobday | 31 October 2021

Think that having painted nails only provides aesthetic benefits? Think again – just a few of the benefits of a manicure and pedicure include stress relief, improved nail health and a boost in confidence. But even if your nails aren’t in the best condition, Marian Newman BEM, nail industry veteran…

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6 ways to manage dry & brittle nails affected by menopause

By Scratch Staff | 29 October 2021

The menopause can be a challenging time for women, with many lacking confidence and feeling undervalued. Looking good on the outside can give the confidence boost needed to feel good on the inside, and having strong and healthy nails is a great place to start. Menopause is so much more…

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Pure Nails Rubber Base

Help prevent chipping with Halo Gel Polish Rubber Base Coat

By Kat Hill | 3 August 2019

Cater to client nail needs with Halo Gel Polish’s new Rubber Base Coat. Available via Pure Nails, the base cost is suited to clients with brittle nails as it can be used with any Pure Nails nail service to help provide flexibility. Thanks to its flexible formula, the base can…

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Improve nail strength with Dr.’s REMEDY Hydration Treatment

By Sophie Nutt | 9 February 2019

Ideal for clients with dry, brittle nails, Dr.s REMEDY has revealed the Hydration Treatment. This treatment contains biotin and pentavitin to improve nail strength and durability as well as deliver and retain moisture. Use once a week or with every polish change or, for best results and clients seeking a…

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Candy Coat Super Strength

Extend colour wear-time with Candy Coat Super Strength

By Kat Hill | 13 October 2018

Offer extended wear time and help prevent peeling and chipping with Candy Coat Super Strength. The new natural nail treatment gel polish can be worn alone as a service or under Candy Coat colours for added strength. Available in 8ml and 15ml, the treatment is available in a bottle and…

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