Duo Gel

Strength and shine with DuoGel 2in1 range

By Sophie Nutt | 1 February 2018

Add strength and shine to nails with the brush-on DuoGel range, featuring a Base Coat, Top Gloss and Builder Gel. Combining features from acrylic and gel systems in its formula, DuoGel is self-levelling and east to apply and infill, curing in 60 seconds under LED light. DuoGel is a flexible…

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Duo Gel Flexiglaze

DuoGel unveiled by Flexiglaze

By Kat Hill | 15 January 2018

Offer strength to nails with the comprehensive range of DuoGel products from the makers of Flexiglaze, affording long-lasting looks. Containing acrylic powder in the formula, the range featuring a base, builder gel and no-wipe top gloss available in 8ml or 15ml sizes. The product simply brushes on and can be cured in LED light…

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