Ask Beata

Beata Aleksandrowicz launches new ‘Ask Beata’ concept

By Sophie Nutt | 10 May 2019

Author, speaker and international expert on massage, Beata Aleksandrowicz, has launched a new interactive concept called ‘Ask Beata’ to support therapists, spa directors and managers. Beata, the creator of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method, provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage and is an…

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Sweet Squared Fb Live

Light Elegance & :Yours to host Facebook Live sessions

By Kat Hill | 30 March 2019

Brands from Sweet Squared’s portfolio, Light Elegance and :Yours, are preparing to go live on Facebook. The Facebook Lives are set to showcase the brands and new release, as well as  offer top insider tips thanks to the education ambassadors on hand. On 7 April at 8pm, Light Elegance EA Jeni Smith will be demonstrating…

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Facebook Live tips for nail businesses

By Guest Writer | 6 April 2018

Facebook Live videos are a great way to communicate with your clients, build up excitement and yield an instant reaction. Fee Wallace, lead educator for Sweet Squared and nail vlogger, explains how to get the best out of the social media tool… Making live videos to promote your business can…

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